Stopword API

Do you want to remove all adverbs for a particular language?
or maybe remove all human names ? or all swearwords ? offers an easy solution for you to retrive words that you want to remove from a string. This filtering process is common in NLP (Natural Language Processing) algoritms and whenever you want to remove words from user input in your software application. has ordered the words into useful categories making it easy for you to only download the words you need - eventhough you do not know the language.

When using you will avoid your editor getting slow because of the large text strings with extraction words. Our code snippets are designed to be as compatible as possible and easy to understand.

API Endpoints

All requests can be delivered in json format or as php serialized array. We are working on providing responses in different formats too.

&format= json or serialize
Returns stopwords

This will properly be the API endpoint you are looking for. Use it to get the stopwords for your language.

&langs= Comma seperated ISO 639-1 language codes. Se /api/v1/languages for available languages.
&categories= Comma seperated category id's. See /api/v1/categories for available categories.
&details= 1 or 0
Returns list of stopwords categories

Our stopwords are categorized. To get an overview of what categories we provide and how many words in each use this API.

Returns available languages

Just for reference. Will return a array of languages and their corresponding iso codes.

Detect string language

Postbody must be a valid string with length more than 10 chars. The service will return a list of possible languages. The first element will be the language with the largest probability.

Code samples

Our service should be as easy as possible to use. Therefore we have added a lot of code samples so you can get up and running in seconds. If your prefered language is missing please contact [email protected] and we will add a sample as soon as possible


The API comes with no warranty.